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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What time does the church service start?
A. 11:00 AM (while public school is in session); 10:00 AM during July and AugustSanctuary is open for private worship during office hours.

Q. What should I wear to church?
A. There are no fashion rules for church.

Q. What happens during a service?
A. We sing a hymn. We ask God to forgive us for our sins and we read from the Bible. The minister speaks to us (the sermon) usually about something that was just read from the Bible. We sing another hymn. We pray for the world, our neighbors and ourselves. We take an offering that is used to keep the church open and at work in the community. We sing another hymn. We are blessed and we are done!

There is almost always Coffee Hour after the service!!!!

Q. What is Coffee Hour?
A. Well it is not always a firm hour and there is always more than coffee. We like to enjoy a little fellowship and spend time with our church family members, catching up on the weeks’ events. Coffee and soft drinks are served in Somers Hall after the service. There are usually cookies or cake; a little something to eat with your coffee and conversation.

Q. Do you have Sunday School?
A. Yes. Sunday school is during the church service. If you are too little to sit still for the first 20 minutes of the service than you can go right to the nursery where Amanda will keep you entertained and be sure you are safe.

If you are older, you can join the beginning of the service, stay for the Ministers special message for young people and then go to a class that will tell you more about the love of Jesus. There will probably be an activity tied into the lesson of the day. Sunday school ends when church does and you are able to meet your family in the church or Somers Hall.

Q. How do I get in touch with someone from the church?
A. Please call the office 607-698-2589. The office is open Tuesday to Friday: 9:00 AM to Noon. Irene Osborne is there to help you with your questions.

Q. What if I am not a Presbyterian?
A. You do not have to be Presbyterian! We come from many different churches – Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, Lutheran and we all find a church home here. Some of us have no specific church affiliation.

Q. What if I don’t know anything about going to church?
A. Please come! We will give you a program so you know what we are doing. (See the question above, "What happens during a service") The hymns are in a book in the pew racks. Don’t be shy. If you have questions please ask – we love to talk about Jesus, how and why we worship him and anything else you want to know. Ask the Pastor; ask the person who greeted you when you came in. Ask the person in your pew.

Q. I was never baptized. What should I do?
A. Come to church. You don’t have to be baptized to come to church. If you would like to be baptized please call the church office and make arrangements to meet with the Pastor.

Q. When do you have communion?
A. We usually have communion once a month on the first Sunday of the month.

Q. Is the church handicapped accessible?
A. Yes, please use the Somers Hall entrance.

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